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Best Places for Snorkeling on the Big Island

Snorkeling is a favorite activity on the Big Island

Snorkeling is a favorite activity on the Big Island. It is an easy and inexpensive activity to do as it can be done right from shore with minimal equipment (snorkel and fins), or you can book a boat trip with equipment and often food included.

Fish Pair
Pair of Racoon Butterfly Fish
Snorkeling fish
Fish in Kahul'u Beach Park

Great Video Images filmed on the Kona Coast.

A Manta Ray Night Dive can also be arranged where you can view giant Manta rays up to 12 feet wide feeding on plankton below you.

 Our Favorite  Snorkeling Place is Kahalu’u Beach Park only a mile from our condo. It is easy to get to with many amenities including changing rooms, showers, rest rooms and a life guard. It is usually calm and full of marine life. See more information in our Top 10

Snorkel Beach
Snorkeling in Kahaulu'u Beach Park.

Honaunau Bay or 2-Step Beach near the Place of Refuge also has some amazing snorkeling although I found it a little harder to enter and exit the water. Although this is one of the top rated snorkeling areas you may not want to try your first trip here. Water is usually calm and clear. The best place to enter is 2 step at the end of a finger of lava.

Kealakeku Bay also know as Captain Cook. I love snorkeling in this bay because the marine life is fantastic but it is harder to reach than other snorkeling places on the Big Island. The easiest way to get there is on a boat tour, but you can also rent a Kayak and paddle for a mile, or take a strenuous 1.9 mile hike (each way) with 1300 feet or 400 meters of elevation change. There are several boat companies that go there but 2 of the largest are: Body Glove Cruises and Fair Wind Cruises.